The Jaguar F-Type R

Ftype CoupeThe long awaited hard top version of the already wonderful F-Type roadster has been finally revealed and it looks stunning. The Coupe is the latest member of Jaguar’s R performance line, that includes the XFR-S and XKR-S. It features the same 5.0-liter, 550-hp and 680Nm of torque supercharged V8. This beauty will burn the 0-100km/h in just 4.0 seconds. The new breed is equipped with hidden rear wing that rises at speeds above 100km/h and stiffer adaptive dynamics suspension that manages the car’s body movements and adjust accordingly. It also has an electronic active differential and a torque vectoring system that further aid the F-Type R’s handling abilities, by controlling the amount of torque sent to each wheel while allowing the inner wheels to brake independently to reduce under-steer.

This F-type R is one, if not the best, looking supercar that has been released this year. It is the perfect balance of  pure elegance, power and eye popping beauty. The roar that comes out of those 4 tail pipes is just plain earporn! Amazing package that thing, great job Jaguar!

VW GTI MK7 Banner Bahn

GTI MK7Volkswagen Netherlands is launching the new GTI in the best of ways, combining the best of both worlds, online and offline. The campaign connected the paid banner media space of the top four websites in Netherlands with the real world by challenging the users to catch a Volkswagen Golf GTI. Users had to click on the GTI that will be passing and drifting through the banner space at very high speed. The car is actually driven by a real driver in the real world on 4 asphalt painted versions of the websites. The first user to click on the car wins it! YEP a simple click and you’ll find a GTI MK7 in your garage the next morning. Well it is a bit too late by now the campaign was running on September the 13th but it is still an awesome idea that is definitely worth sharing. Feel free to check the promotion video and the making of attached here below.

N.B: For the full review of the GTI MK7 you can always check my previous article by clicking right here 🙂

Honda: Hands

Honda handsFor its 65th anniversary, Honda released this fabulous commercial showcasing all there achievement from the 24th of September 1948 till today. A bolt reaching the hands of that Honda engineer (I guess) is transformed from motorcycles to cars, to people movers, supercars, boats and even four-wheel farm bikes and jets. It is a very clever way of showing, in a 1:56 minutes video, all the industries that those Honda engineers were able to tackle so far. The ad is done by Wieden + Kennedy London the company responsible for the 2003 Honda “Cog” commercial that has been named the best car commercials of all time by AutoExpress. This all-new spot called Hands is even more entertaining and might aswell dethrone the old one. The two commercials are linked below. Enjoy!

The Jaguar C-X75: 850hp and Co2 Emissions of a Prius

Jaguar C-X75 Front“Our challenge was monumental: we needed to achieve the performance of a Veyron; the range of a Volt; and the CO2 of a Prius,” said Jaguar C-X75 manager Rob Atkin. After the introduction of LaFerrari by Ferrari and the P1 by Mclaren, it is now Jaguar’s turn to reveal their secret weapon. They called it the C-X75, a concept they have been cooking for around 2 years now, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Jaguar. The result? The most technological advanced production car in the world. This new master piece is a hybrid that has around 850 hp and 750lb-ft of torque, the result of a combination between a Turbocharged and Supercharged 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine delivering 500hp revving up to 10,300 RPM (YES you read it right) and 2 electric motors generating around 350hp. The petrol engine alone is delivering 313hp per liter, which is 60% more than any road car available in the market today. This massive amount of power will be delivered by all four wheels to the road through a 7 speed manual gear box. The Co2 emission of this beast are comparable to the ones o a Prius, the hybrid that Toyota has been producing for the past couple of years.

Jaguar C-X75 BackEven though it is a production car, Jaguar announced that it not for sale for the time being so don’t expect to see any of these on your local roads soon. Its design is just brilliant, the grey, matte finish looks amazing. The overall look of the car is crazy but not too crazy, the rear diffuser is just massive and the front end looks “deja vu” it has a Ford-ish aspect to it don’t you think? With this car revealed, we should be expecting mind blowing techs in the next generation Jaguar production models. Looking forward!

Megane RS Red Bull RB8 Edition

Megane RS Red Bull Racing RB8Following the success of the Red Bull formula one racing team, for the third year in a row Renault released a Mégane R.S. Red Bull Racing RB8, a special edition version of the Mégane RS production car. This special edition hatchback features the same Crépuscule Blue color used by the Red Bull F1 team, 19 inch black alloy wheels and high-performance Bridgestone tyres, the same tires that were used by the Mégane Trophy to establish a new lap record for the Nürburgring. Other that that there are some red bull badges here and there in addition to an in-dash, connected R-Link multimedia tablet that has six functions (navigation, telephony, multimedia, vehicle, systems and R-Link Store applications catalogue).

Megane RS Red Bull RB8 FrontMechanically speaking, the RB8 has the same specs as the Mégane RS trophy edition featuring a Cup chassis, limited slip differential, 265-hp and 360Nm of torque squeezed out of a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. The Renault Mégane R.S. Red Bull Racing RB8 will be available in 26 countries until September 30, 2013. Prices in Lebanon start at around $50,000. Being a hatchback fan I loved it even though I don’t think I would really pay around 4000$ over a RS Trophy just to get Red Bull badges here and there. As the Mégane is issued from a French factory, I am glad that it is available in manual only, French cars tend to have crappy automatic gearboxes. Its design is not bad at all. The single middle exhaust at the back is damn sexy. The combination of a cup chassis and LSD is just brilliant. It even comes with a yellow seat-belt!! All in all, the Mégane RS Trophy has all the ingredients of a perfect and fun hatchback. Looking forward to test drive one of those Frenchies soon 🙂

Aston Martin One-77 Joins The Dubai Police Patrol Cars

one-77-police-car SLSBecause a Ferrari FF and a Lamborghini Aventador (for more details click here) weren’t flamboyant enough, the Dubai Police department just invested in a 2 million dollars Aston Martin One-77. This Aston is only available in 77 units worldwide and is powered by a massive 7.3 liters V12 delivering a minimum of 750hp and 750 Nm of torque. A gorgeous piece of Aston Martin’s accomplishment. You would probably think that the Dubai Police Department would be more than satisfied with these 3 supercars, well you are wrong.

bentley police-cars-dubaiThey added to the team a Bentley Continental GT equipped with a 4.0-liter turbocharged V8, 500-hp and 487 lb-ft of torque and a Mercedes SLS armed with a 6.3L V8 engine delivering 563hp/ 479lb-ft of torque. All of those later comers are shown in the video below equipped with a police siren and exposed in the famous Dubai Mall (which happens to be the biggest mall in the world) This whole supercar shopping added up to a total of around 3,5 million dollars worth of Super Police Cars. What do they need them for? NOTHING! These supercars are just used to cruise around in the city center giving a glamorous and rich image to Dubai. Dubai Police Chief said that the public’s “amazing” reaction for the Aventador police car convinced him to add further exotics to the fleet. The Dubai Police department has officially the fastest police cars squad in the world.

Citroën C3 with Pure Tech engine.

Citroen C3 dogsThe Citroen C3 is a small 4 door hatchback cheap and economical.  It’s the company’s biggest-selling small car. It has a 1.6 118bhp engine, not fuel hungry at all and very silent. It is its economical aspect that is being advertised in this commercial. Its PureTech engine, will give you 250 extra kilometers of driving. The ad is very simple, romantic and straight to the point. I personally hate the C3. Sitting in it you feel trapped in box full of plastic. As compared to its fellow super mini cars in the range, I would rather get a Ford Fiesta that costs approximately the same and is powered by a similar engine, but looks so much better inside and outside. It even has an Aston Martin look-alike front grill. How awesome is that!