Ken Block Gymkhana 3: Ultimate Playground; l’Autodrome, France


Ken Block in his 650 hp/ 660 Torque, 2011, Ford Fiesta prepared by Olsbergs MSE. Filmed at L’Autodrome de Linas Montlhery, France.

Ken Block Gymkhana 2: The Infomercial


Ken Block in his 566 Whp/611 Torque, 2009, Subaru WRX STI prepared by Crawford Performance. Filmed at the Port of Los Angeles.

Ken Block and “Gymkhana”

For those of you that are not familiar with the term, Gymkhana is an automotive sport that takes place in a parking lot, an abandoned airport, shipping port or epic 86 year old European track that requires drivers to skillfully maneuver their cars around a series of cones, slaloms, turns, bends, figure 8s and possibly a 51 degree bank using extreme acceleration braking and drifting. Similar to autocross Gymkhana courses are often complex so memorizing the course is a significant part of this type of motorsport. In an effort to take the Gymkhana concept to a new level Ken Block searched the world over to find the ultimate playground.

Ken Block (born in California) is a professional rally driver with the Monster World Rally Team. Block is also one of the co-founders and recently appointed Chief Brand Officer of DC Shoes.