Mercedes Commercial: The A45 AMG


Mercedes-Benz-A45_AMG_2014 back

Mercedes finally revealed the AMG version of their small A class hatchback model. What they came up with is the most powerful series production four-cylinder turbo engine in the world. Its output? 360hp and 450Nm of torque!! YES 360HP!! A 4 matic all wheel drive will make sure to transfer that power safely to the road through a 7 speed dual clutch gear box. Being an AMG car, its engine is hand built following the AMG philosophy of “one man one engine”. The beasts exhaust system is fitted with an exhaust flap that provides a striking engine sound when the throttle is open and during gear shifting. This flap makes sure that the exhaust is silent during normal, calm driving sessions and shouting out loud during more sporty and aggressive sessions.

Mercedes-Benz-A45_AMG_2014 interiorThe look of the car is unfashionable, it is simple and sexy from the outside and damn does it look luxurious on the inside! With this model Mercedes has jumped at the head of the hot hatch category, a market in which they were totally absent. The super expensive RS3 with its 2.5 liters turbocharged V5 delivering around 340 hp looks ridiculous compared to this new Merc. Even though I wasn’t a big fan of Mercedes Benz, I am really considering  buying this new model in the coming years. Being a hot hatch enthusiast, the RS3 was high ranked in my list of favorite cars, it has now been outrun by this outstanding A45 AMG. The AMG team, I salute you. To hear this beast farting, you can check its first track test by clicking here.


Red Bull Commercial: The Athlete Machine

red bull driftRedbull gathered 11 of its top athletes to create this amazing 6:00 minutes video. A pure pleasure! In this small video Redbull is showing us the range and the variety of sports that it sponsors. The idea of linking all these different disciplines together is brilliant. Enough said, enjoy the show!!

Mercedes Commercial: The SLS AMG Black Series

After launching the SLS AMG 45th Anniversary edition a couple of weeks a go, Benz are  announcing the SLS we were all waiting for, the Black Series edition. Eight month after the C63 Black edition, an SLS was a must. This new version of the famous SLS is not only road friendlier but also faster and lighter than the SLS GT. Does it have a screaming, shouting, ear fu**ing V8 combined with a whooping exhaust? Most probably. But this time the famous 6.2 V8 has been squeezed and now delivers 622hp and 634 lb-ft. The weight saving has been achieved thanks to the installation of light weight ceramic brakes, and lots of CRFP (Carbon fiber reinforced polymers) made parts here and there. The end result is a Black Edition 70kgs lighter than the previous SLS GT. I really like the fact that this Benz includes a lot of features from the 45th anniversary edition while being a derivable comfortable car that you can take on a spin around the track on Sundays. The Solar Beam paint is very similar to the Electric Yellow of the MINI models. I really liked the color but I think that, as all Black Edition models, this SLS should definitively be featured in white. The ad by itself is nothing special, the intention of Mercedes was just to show there new creation to the world; just show it not listen to it.

Mercedes Commercial: SLS AMG GT3 “45th Anniversary”

sls exteriorA few days ago Mercedes revealed its all brand new SLS AMG GT3 45th Anniversary edition model. I just love the “anniversary editions” sports cars they always have amazing features. Most of the times, the features added to the car transforms it into a collection car, not a “better to drive version” of the production model. This SLS AMG GT3 is a perfect example. Would you be able to drive this version of the SLS in your every days life? I dough it. For this 45th anniversary, the AMG team worked on a race edition of the SLS model. They mostly developed the aerodynamics. This edition is much lighter than the road version. It features a huge rear spoiler, a roll cage and other aerodynamic parts.

The interior is completely optimized to minimize weight. A big number of the luxury features have been replaced by carbon fiber race like buttons. Only 5 of these monsters will be build. They will be completely hand made and delivered by the AMG team directly to the lucky customers. Regarding the engine, the SLS GT3 will feature the normal 6.3 liters V8 that is available in the SLS AMG model.

Midttrafik: The Bus.

Bus MidttrafikAfter a long and deserved vacation TheAdsGarage is back! Not with a super or hyper or concept car commercial as you would expect, but with a Bus commercial. Honestly it’s the first bus commercial I have seen in my life. Midttrafik (danish bus company) with it’s “It’s Cool” campaign is encouraging everyone and specially youngsters to take the bus by promoting all it’s advantages. The idea is cool, the commercial is cool, the people in it are cool; cool commercial!

Volkswagen Commercial: The Cabrio.

Remember how the cars you had the most fun in never had a roof? This is the new commercial for the 2012 Golf Cabriolet. It’s just a golf but with no roof on. It’s going to feature the same engine range as the normal golf going from the 1.4 turbo to the GTI 2.0 Turbocharged engine that delivers 211hp. I didn’t really like this new idea of golf with no roof. I find the original golf much more attractive. I prefer regular hatchback sporty car. Regarding the commercial, it’s simple and nice. The song in this VW cabriolet commercial is Days from The Best and Kollektable.

Mercedes Commercial: Guinness World Record.

SLS golfI mentioned the SLS AMG in my previous post “Super Service” that featured Roger Federer. For this commercial, Mercedes has attempted to win the Guinness World Record for the ‘Furthest Golf Shot Caught in a Moving Car.’ Jake Shepherd (professional UK golf player) launched the golf ball from the tee at a speed of 286.46 kmh, and David Coulthard (professional British Formula one driver) made sure it landed in the SLS AMG, 275 metres down the runway. Mercedes were the ones to set the record, there were none before. With this trend of creating a convertible edition of every super car, I think the record is gonna be broken very soon.