Subaru Commercial: “Your Story With”

This Japanese ad is introducing the new Subaru BRZ 2013. This car has one of the lowest possible centers of gravity on the market today with an engine positioned very low in the chassis. Due to that Subaru wasn’t able to fit an All-wheel drive system for the car so the car will be equipped with rear wheel drive. This BRZ features the new Subaru Boxer engine that is gonna be a 2.0 liter engine delivering just around 300 bhp. This new “sports car” design of the car is really new to Subaru and they really did a good job there. The car looks amazing and all the aerodynamics are optimized for down force.

Doesn’t this car look familiar to you? Well it looks pretty much exactly like the Toyota GT86 that Toyota developed. In fact, for the BRZ and GT86, there development was made after a join-venture between Subaru and Toyota for this project in order to come up with the ultimate steering sensation and driving pleasure sports car in the market. (Press the cc button in the video to get the English subtitles)


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