BMW Commercial: IT!! The game.

The new 2013 BMW M135i concept was one of the innovations that BMW introduced atthe Geneva 2012 motor-show. The M is an upgraded version of the one series that is gonna feature a twin turbocharged 6 cylinders in-line engine that is gonna deliver around 300 hp. The M135i is a rear-wheel hatchback that I think will be really fun to drive.

I am a very big fan of hot hatches and i find that having so much power in such a small RWD car is just amazing. Regarding the exterior look, I find the old version of the M135 much more aggressive and serious specially regarding the rear part. The old M135 featured four exhaust pipes at the back that were just gorgeous.
This ad focuses on the “Fun” part of the car as the two professional drivers are playing “IT, the game”. They make the stunts look so smooth and easy to do.


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