Fiat 500 Abarth Commercial: Topless

Abarth toplessReally nice and refreshing ad by Fiat promoting there topless, cabrio version of there 500 Abarth. The idea is funny and the implementation is done really well. Regarding the Abarth itself, I have included a full review of it in my previous articles. I love these kind of cabrio cars. If I am not mistaking it was Citroen that started this idea with there 2CV (deux cheveaux) model of 1948. It was a really good idea at the time because first of all it is simple, it reduced the weight of the car and it is easy to implement which is still the case for the new Abarth 500 cabrio model.

NB: Type “Abarth” in the search engine at the right top of the page to access the old TheAdsGarage Abarth posts.


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