Jeep Superbowl Commercial: Whole Again

Wrangler superbowl commercial

Oprah Winfrey opens this years Jeep superbowl commercial with these words “We wait. We hope. We Pray. Until You’re Home Again,”. The first part of the commercial depicts families going through their lives waiting for the loved ones who are out in military missions. It is only in the last few second of the spot that the 4×4 appears honoring the partnership between Jeep and the United Service Organizations (USO). Very symbolic and moving commercial. Good job.

Regarding the Jeep, it was covered several times on TheAdsGarage, you can access the previous post by clicking here. About it, it’s new 3.8 liter V6 delivers 285 hp 260 lb-ft.of torque more than enough to climb any mountain. It obviously has AWD. TheAdsGarage attended an event with a group of off road freaks. Wranglers were obviously here to have some fun. You can check the pictures by clicking here. A stock Wrangler had no problem going through the snowy mountain. It was really impressive. The new Wranglers are becoming better and better on rough terrain while becoming aesthetically more appealing from inside and outside.


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