The Best Of April’s Fool Day Jokes

258025On the 1st of April Nissan presented the faster toaster of all times, the Nissan Sandwich Toast-R. Following the development of the GT-R and the Juke-R, this Toast-R with a turbo light, “blasts sandwiches from 0-to-grilled in 2.9 seconds.” Nissan adds to the Facebook-based prank “Lunchtime just got a whole lot faster,” If only it did actually exist…


You most probably heard that Corvette released their wonderful Stingray, a 6.2 liters V8, 450hp and 450lb-ft of torque supercar. Corvette realized that the car wasn’t adequate, if you loved the Stingray, you could afford only one car and you had children. Their solution, the AeroWagonette, a small wagon extension that can fit up to 3 kids. This provide an amazingly “screamless” and silent ride for the parents. In case the kids are being turbulent, initial tests have proven that the Scared Straight and Scared S**tless technique to be particularly effective.

April-Fools-6-625x625MINI presents the world’s speediest dating service, as part of the the Connected Drive system a new app called “Connect Us” locates other Mini drivers within range, and connects them together. The app compares and identifies matches (via the Mini Driving Excitement Analyzer) depending on their driving style, the way they treat the accelerator, steering wheel and brakes. MINI states that it is “a matchmaker that goes beyond personal interests, favorite activities and how you like to spend your free time – and gets down to finding the compatible co-driver for the journey of love”.

258027Safety has always been the number one priority of Volvo. They have built their entire company image around it and are famous for it. They used this reputation to fool the readers and reveal to the world their “external car-enveloping airbag”. The first airbag entirely designed to protect your car from the outside. It is made up of a small container built into the car’s roof containing a folded-in, vacuum-pulled balloon that instantly unfolds to envelope the car in the case of an unavoidable collision.

April-Fools-3In order to keep the baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge safe, BMW has designed a limited-edition P.R.A.M. – a Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile. This PRAM comes with a Nurse-Assisting Petrol Powered Injection Engine (N.A.P.P.I.E), active aerodynamics, low rolling-resistance tires, a/c and a paparazzi-proof hood making sure that the baby prince and the other VIB (very important babies) have a safe trip around the park.


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