Renault Clio Sport, “Speed Dating”

Clio RS Speed DatingWho said that speed dating was only about about dating? I present to you, Caroline, a young, sexy and charming woman driver. She doesn’t have the same concept of “speed dating” as others. That’s why a big surprise awaits her contenders. Even the most macho among them. The date happens in a 2013 Clio RS going insanely fast along a frozen track. The new RS is juiced by a turbocharged 1.6, 197bhp and 177lb ft of torque engine equipped with a dual-clutch transmission. This new engine really pissed the Clio purists that were used to the old 2.0 revvy, normally aspirated engine. More over, the fact that it is only available with that automatic transmission made them even more angry. Renault is trying to move on from that “the French automatic gear boxes are bad” stereotype by developing that new Dual Clutch gear box. Well they are not quite there yet. Some tiny little rumours say that a special “purist” edition will be released soon to make everyone happy. I’ll be watching that very closely.


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