Final Red Bull Car Park Drift in Jeddah

Red bull car park driftThe Final Red Bull Car Park Drift is happening tonight at 9pm (beirut time) at Corniche al Hamra in Jeddah. You can watch the event LIVE by clicking on the video below. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, It’s a huge and pure drifting event in which the participants must drift as much as possible from start to finish. The finalists will be selected with regards to several criteria like the amount of smoke generated by the car, its noise,its beauty and the length of the drift. For the Final in Jeddah, qualified drifters coming from around the KSA will be participating. There will be drifting shows by Red Bull athlete Abdo Feghali (who broke the record of the longest vehicle drift) and Mad Mike (a video of his Mad work will be released soon, stay tuned). The Lebanese edition of the Red Bull Car Park Drift is scheduled to July. Ill make sure to cover this amazing event once it reaches our borders 😉 Looking forward.

RedBull Carpark Drift


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