BMW 1M, Perfect Balance

P90069711The 1 Series M Coupé is not like other 1 Series models. It is not just a remapped version of the 135i as you would expect it. It is a proper M car. For a start it uses the suspension, the brakes, the wheels and the sport limited slick differential of the BMW M3. They have then been specially modified for use in this car. Think of it as having all of the best bits of the M3, but with more than 100 kg less mass to carry around. This baby M is equipped with the 3-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine of the Z4 sports car delivering 332hp at 5,900 rpm and 332lb/ft of torque (370 lb/ft available in over-boost mode) which sounds respectable but by no means exceptional for an M-car.

P90069707You would be surprise, its 50:50 weight balance, perfectly advertised in the video below, allow it to be as fun if not more fun to drive than its bigger sister, the M3. The M botton available on the steering wheel releases the exhaust and sharpens the throttle response. Small, compact and with its muscular wheel arches it is one of my favorite cars. A perfect M car targeted to a young generation. I just love the fact that it is only available with a proper manual gear box. A transmission that has been available for decades and won’t grow old over time, the better driver you are the faster you can shift gears. The interior is sporty and at the same time classy for everyday use. The alcantara, red stitches and M badges accentuates the fact that it is an M car. I just have a small problem with its name. Why wasn’t it called simply the M1? With an M1 badge at the back. Well other than that It is by far my favorite BMW.

BMW Commercial: Bullet

BMW M5Introducing the BMW M5 2012. Before commenting on this mind blowing ad, let’s focus on car. The M5 is the new sedan by BMW. It features a 4.4 twin turbo charged V8 that delivers 560 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque. This new twin turbo charging system is the new born of BMW. It is featured in the M5 and the one series. Its advantage is that it allows the car to have a smaller engine, higher performance and lesser fuel consumption. Combined with a dual clutch 7 speed gear box, this is what you get, a “Bullet” with four wheel drive.

This ad is really amazing it reminds me of the “Bullet effects in Slow motion” video that went viral on youtube a couple of years ago. The same concept is applied here: A “bullet” (M5) is launched from the barrel of a gun (the tunnel at the start of the video) and its passage through different obstacles is filmed in slow motion. The ad was done in Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway. The idea and the car are just gorgeous. With this ad BMW Canada are marketing this M5 as the fastest sedan on earth.