Fiat Commercial: Immigrants

500 usaI mentioned several times the Fiat 500 on TheAdsGarage. You can check the reviews by typing “Fiat” in the search space that appears at the right top of the page. With this new commercial, Fiat is announcing there US Fiat 500 range: the Fiat 500, 500c Cabrio and the 500 Abarth. The way the idea of “immigration” is developed in the commercial is very original and unexpected. Regarding the grey 500 that appears at 0:48, reliable sources said that it could be the New Fiat 500T that is a range of 500 that is in between the regular 500 and the Abarth version. Apparently it will feature a 1.4 liters 130hp engine. Its going to have a sporty look. I’ll keep an eye on this 500T and let you know if it is gonna be produced or not. By the way, don’t worry no Fiat were harmed in the making of this video.

Fiat Commercial: “Winning”

Introducing “Winning” the new Fiat 500 abarth commercial. This 500 Abarth ad like all the previous ones features the gorgeous Catrinel Menghia. She is now  the symbol of the 500 Abarth combining elegance, seduction, and aggressiveness. I already mentioned and discussed the 500 Abarth in my two previous post, “Seduction” and “House Arrest”. I really like the fact that Fiat are frequently coming up with these small and fun commercials. It really feels like they are trying to tell us a story and not just sell us there product.

Most of you probably ask yourself What does the Catrinel say in this Abarth commercial? At 0:12 of the commercial she asks: “facciamo un giro?” which is Italian for “Wanna go for a ride?” At 0:33 of she asks: “chi ti credere di essere?” which is Italian for “Who do you think you are?”