Nissan Commercial: “Built to Thrill”

I’m not a big fan of the Juke but this small crossover by Nissan is having a big success specially in Europe. For people who want to “stand out” this is definitely the right car. It’s design is really fun and it has a big range of options to chose from. The Juke features an in-line 4 cylinder 1.6 turbo charged engine that delivers up to 188hp. The Juke is marketed as a small city crossover for everyday use. I guess this is why the Juke is available in Front Wheel Drive which is actually weird for a crossover. I really liked this ad by Nissan. It is very creative, it really implements the “Built to Thrill” slogan that Nissan is using to market its Juke.


The Making Of: “The Dog Strikes Back”

Behind the scenes of “The Dog Strikes Back”, Volkswagen’s 2012 Big Game commercial that i shared on in my previous post. Impressive. That dog is a serious actor!

Volkswagen Commercial: “The Force”

This famous VW commercial featuring Darth Vader was aired during the 2011 Superbowl. It was a real success cumulating almost 52 million views as of today. Even though I like the ad, I find that there is no insight behind it. VW were just showing us there new Passat through this ad, they weren’t trying to prove any point nor show us a particular advantage that this new 2012 Passat has over its competitors or its previous model.