Official Camaro Club Lebanon Launching event

1967 Z28After missing out on around 6 various events due to my neck injuries, I’M BACK and on a very special occasion, the collaboration between the Camaro 5 Club Lebanon and the exclusive dealer for Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hummer and the Isuzu in Lebanon, IMPEX. The Camaro 5 Club started as a fan club managed by a bunch of Camaro owners who use to cruise around Lebanon searching for other fellows Camaro to add to the group. The number of fans kept growing and, on the 1st of August, they were able to regroup, with the help of IMPEX, around 50 Camaro ranging from the 1967 Z28 to the 2013 ZL1. Press right here to access the photos of the event. A video of the Black Camaro SS with green brake calipers and equipped with Magnaflow Competition Series Exhaust is attached here below. It happens to spit fire from times to times if you ever feel like watching 😉

Billy Karam's MuseumThe gathering point was at La Marina Dbayeh. The convoy then moved to Nabil “Billy” Karam’s Museum in Zouk where we were taken on a tour bi Billy himself around his crazy collection of 27,777 miniature cars that granted him the Guinness World Record of the “Largest Collection of Diorama” on the 16th of November 2011. After that, IMPEX invited us to a conference dinner at ATCL (Automotive Touring Club Lebanon).

Camaro GatheringThe event was planned and very well organised by the owners of the Camaro Club Lebanon themselves. They did a great job, getting the appropriate licenses and permits from the different municipalities, making sure the event runs smoothly and as planned. Even tough the gathering time and day (4pm on a Thursday) of the event were a bit odd, I really enjoyed visiting Billy’s Museum and the food at ATCL was delicious!! IMPEX did a very smart move by collaborating with the Camaro 5 club. It is a very good way of showing that they care about their fans and want to promote the Camaro spirit. These events give a good image and good exposure to the company offline (during the event) and online (after the event). It take some time and effort to organise them, but they do pay off. Rare are the car dealers in Lebanon that take action and “invest” in their fan clubs, which is really a shame. I am expecting a proper roadtrip and some adrenaline rushes for the next event, I am curious to experience what those Camaro have in their guts. Looking forward!


World’s Greatest Drag Race 2!

Drag race 2This year, Motortrend is back with a new World’s Greatest Drag Race. Following the request of the fans, this race includes 9 new contestants. Even last years winner the Nissan GTR has a couple of more horses now. You would probably be wondering why the BRZ was invited to the event. Actually for a drag race there is not much that the BRZ can do with it’s 200hp. I am sure that if it was a circuit race the BRZ would have had some impressive results compared to its contestants thanks to its very low center of gravity that allows a lot of stability in the corners.

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Best Driver’s Car 2012

For this year, Motortrend is back to pick the Best Driver’s Car 2012. Watch Carlos Lago, Jonny Lieberman and famed race car driver Randy Pobst as they test nine of the most exotic, high-performance vehicles in the world. The tests start first with a road test in Central California’s Highway 198 then move to the track where Randy takes these nine amazing cars for a spin around the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The amount of work and gas spent in order to produce this video is just enormous. The end result is a perfect evaluation of these nine contestants. Prepare a bowl of pop corn, a comfortable couch and Enjoy!!