New Speed Regulations in Lebanon?

getImageJust before the new year, some news was released regarding a new traffic and driving law that was suppose to be implemented by Jan 2015. According to it each driver was going to be provided, on his driving license, with around 12 points that gets deducted depending on the violation committed, quite similar to the French driving license system. Fixed radars (on the side of the road) and mobile radars (in police cars) were going to be installed in order to catch the racers on our streets. They were going to be charged a minimum of around 120$ and a maximum in the thousands in addition to the seizure of the vehicle and the imprisonment of the driver. We barely have road signs on the streets and authorities are thinking of increasing the fines! Apparently these laws are going to be implemented by April but I haven’t seen any actions taken by the Police to make sure the citizens are aware of these new rules. If you guys have any update on the matter, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Text if you can

In the meantime, Touch, in collaboration with Yasa, has released a new awareness, “Text if You Can” campaign that has been running for a couple of weeks now and that is based on the fact that you can’t be fully focused doing two things at the same time. The idea was to invite Lebanese celebrities and do sort of experiment asking them to do what they do best and try to text at the same time. The concept is fresh and fun. Let’s hope this new way of tackling the issue is going to be effective among the Lebanese society! You can find all the videos of the campaign by clicking right here. Stay safe people!


Chevy Commercial: Superbowl 2012

This is the Camaro 2012 convertible commercial that was shown during the 2012 superbowl night. I drove the RS version of the Camaro and I must say it was amazing. You really feel like driving a muscle car: the car is large, it’s rear wheel drive, the power and the noise it delivers is amazing. Its look is so aggressive specially at night with the beams on. AND you can get a Transformers, yellow edition of one of those!!