Trip to Douma | RenaultSport Club Lebanon

RSCLUB13114-18 REOn the 12th of January, TheAdsGarage was invited to attend a roadtrip to Douma with the RenaultSport Club Lebanon. Around 20 Renault ranging from Clio RS to Megane RS passing through some special edition ones like a RedBull RB7 Megane and 2 Clio Gordini edition met up at around 8:30 am on the Jounieh highway. Organisation was epic there was a car at the beginning of the convoy and one at the end making sure no one gets lost and everyone reaches destination. Once we reached the Tannourine highway, the guys went on a hot run, unleashing all of those 265 hp included in their Megane RS and other 200hp packed in the Clio RS. You would never believe how stable that Megane is unless you ride shotgun with one of those guys. We then stopped by a small bakery to have breakfast. After a small photoshoot of those hot hatches (that you can check by clicking right here), the “President” of the Club Mr.Elias Ghanem took us on very nice rally stage in the region. The road is one of those typical, very challenging, narrow and technical mountain roads. You can easily end up down the valley in a wrecked Megane or Clio if you miss a turn. The video here below is recorded on one of these roads. Special thanks to Stefano Zakher for the video editing 🙂

RSCLUB13114-29 RE

The Megane RB7 I was in sounded like an angry dragon sucking in cold air and converting it into fire. The driving sensations you get in those french hatches are very impressive, augmented by the fact that they are available only in manual. Compared to the old one that looked like a steam iron, the new Megane looks good specially with that centered massive exhaust at the back. The only problem I have with french cars is that I think that they don’t age well, they are not “robust” enough. After only a couple of months of driving, you start hearing some weird squeaking here and there in the car. Thing that you would never get in a German car for example. Would that stop me from buying a Megane RS? After the experience I had during this roadtrip, F*ck no! Thank you very much for the invite guys. It was a real pleasure!


Renault Commercial: Alpine 50th Anniversary.

AlpinaIntroducing the Alpine A110-50, a concept car by Renault that has been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Renault Alpine A110 ”Berlinette”. The concept car features a 3.5litre V6 mid-rear engine that delivers 400hp. This engine is associated with a beautifully designed roof mounted-intake that funnels the air directly into the machine’s carbon-fiber intake. Add to that a custom exhaust and a F1 semi sequential 6 speed dual clutch gear box and this is what you get, a flame-throwing 50th anniversary Blue Alpina concept car.The driver in the commercial is Jean Ragnotti, an old time racing driver for Renault. The idea in the video is that he is racing against his younger self in the younger Alpina A110.

You might be asking yourself but when are we gonna see one of those cruising on the Champs Elysee, well until know never. Renault still hasn’t talked about producing this car.