VW Commercial: The GTI 7

UPDATED: Had the chance to drive this beauty today (27-03-2014) and I have to say I had a blast! The car feels light, the steering is smooth and precise, and most importantly, the DSG burp is still there ūüėČ I just can’t get enough of that exhaust “explosion” sound every time you up-shift at around 5000 rpm. In Lebanon the GTI comes as standard equipped with an LSD, a touch screen, parking sensors on the front, back and side to side, and a media plug in to connect your phone. The automatic start and stop option won’t be available on models sold in Lebanon. Yes it has no hand brake but for the first time you can completely disengage the ESP by keeping the button pressed for around 10 seconds. Starting price is around $49K. Ain’t that cheap but, well these are the prices of hot hatches in Lebanon lately! Can’t wait to give the new GolfR a spin! I was told it is going to reach the motherland in mid-July. Will keep you guys posted.

GTI 7 frontAmazingly staggering and peaceful commercial by VW for the official launching of the new GTI 7. The all timer hot hatch is back with its 7th edition that will be revealed at the Geneva motor show in a couple of days. This new breed will be equipped with a revised version of the previous 2.0 turbo charged 4 cylinder engine delivering 220hp (10 more that the  GTI 6) and 258 lb-ft of torque. The six speed manuel and DSG will be offered with a Stop-Start system as standard. This system, saves fuel and trims exhaust emissions by cutting the engine when the vehicle is at a complete stop. This makes the Golf 7 GTI 18 percent more fuel efficient than the outgoing model. This new Golf GTI has lost around a 100kg over its older brother and has firmer suspension. A sport package will be available. It brings with it 10 extra ponies, a torque-sensing limited-slip front differential and up-sized brakes all around.

GTI 7 interiorFront wheel drifting is most easily done and has always been done by applying the hand break: The hand break locks the rear wheels and the car goes sideways. By checking the video below you will see that the rear wheels are not locked when the car is going sideways meaning no hand break was applied. Guess why! Because there is no proper hand break in this new GTI!! There is a stupid and small (P) button like the one you find in the new Tiguan, an electronic hand break. Moreover, I hate the fact that the Stop-Start system cuts the engine automatically when the car is in a complete stop. Imagine being in a traffic in Beirut and your GTI going on and off every time every 2 minutes. Hope the car can be ordered without that option.

GTI 7 back

Other than that, the car does look good in pictures so far. Rolling at night like in the commercial, the car looks very classy. I suspect that it will look even more impressive live. The interior looks very clean, clear, luxurious and useful. You feel like everything is where it is suppose to be. No clocks or random stuff hanging around. The steering wheel is a bit weird but I like it. Driving wise, I suspect the new GTI 7 to be a wonderful car. I own the fifth generation GTI and I love it even more every day. Rendez vous in a couple of days in Geneva!!


Hyundai Commercial: Cheetah

Hyundai Veloster TurboHyundai’s Turbo Veloster has been on the streets for quite some time now. I find that this turbo version was a must. There was like a “disagreement” between the Velosters looks and its power outcome when the 1.6 liters V4 138hp version was released. This time though, the Turbocharged 1.6 liters V4 is up to the task with its 201hp. The Veloster has now its place in the Hot Hatch market. Let’s see if it’ll be able to become a reference in this target market. This superbowl commercial is a good way to show the power capabilities of this new born of Huyndai. Check¬†the Veloster Grim Reaper commercial right here.

World’s Greatest Drag Race 2!

Drag race 2This year, Motortrend is back with a new¬†World’s Greatest Drag Race. Following the request of the fans, this race includes 9 new contestants. Even last years winner the Nissan GTR has a couple of more horses now. You would probably be wondering why the BRZ was invited to the event. Actually for a drag race there is not much that the BRZ can do with it’s 200hp. I am sure that if it was a circuit race the BRZ would have had some impressive results compared to its contestants thanks to its very low center of gravity that allows a lot of stability in the corners.

NB: Check last years¬†World’s Greatest Drag Race by clicking here!

Best Driver’s Car 2012

For this year, Motortrend is back to pick the Best Driver’s Car 2012. Watch¬†Carlos Lago, Jonny Lieberman and famed race car driver Randy Pobst as they test nine of the most exotic, high-performance vehicles in the world. The tests start first with a road test in Central California’s Highway 198 then move to the track where Randy takes these nine amazing cars for a spin¬†around the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. The amount of work and gas spent in order to produce this video is just enormous. The end result is a perfect evaluation of these nine contestants. Prepare a bowl of pop corn, a comfortable couch and Enjoy!!

BMW Commercial: Bullet

BMW M5Introducing the BMW M5 2012. Before commenting on this mind blowing ad, let’s focus on car. The M5 is the new sedan by BMW. It features a 4.4 twin turbo charged V8 that delivers 560 hp and 502 lb-ft of torque. This new twin turbo charging system is the new born of BMW. It is featured in the M5 and the one series. Its advantage is that it allows the car to have a smaller engine, higher performance and lesser fuel consumption. Combined with a dual clutch 7 speed gear box, this is what you get, a “Bullet” with four wheel drive.

This ad is really amazing it reminds me of the “Bullet effects in Slow motion” video that went viral on youtube a couple of years ago. The same concept is applied here: A “bullet” (M5) is launched from the barrel of a gun (the tunnel at the start of the video) and its passage through different obstacles is filmed in slow motion. The ad was done in Utah‚Äôs Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway.¬†The idea and the car are just gorgeous. With this ad BMW Canada are marketing this M5 as the fastest sedan on earth.

Mazda Commercial: “Mazda 2 vs Wall of Death”

Mazda 2 wall of death teamIntroducing the Mazda2, sport edition. The small compact¬†hatchback by Mazda.¬†It features a 1.5 liters engine delivering 100hp and 98 ft-lbs of torque, just enough for a small trip around the city. But today, it is taking a small trip around the Wall of Death, a wood-paneled motordrome. The stunt was achieved thanks to the small size and light weight of the Mazda2, the centrifugal force and the expertise of ‚ÄúDynomite‚ÄĚ Dave Seymour of Demon Drome. Dave is a professional rider who has been practicing a century old extreme sport, riding the Wall of Death.

Mazda 2This ad actually shows how light and compact the Mazda is. The motordrome is originally designed for motorcycles to ride on it, not cars. But the Mazda was able to fit in the arena and perform the stunt. Dave took the car for approximately 8 laps on the wall, driving at 50 km/h while experiencing a 2.5g g-force. I really liked the ad, it was a good idea to combine the Mazda2 and “Dynomite” even though they come from totally different worlds. Mazda really tried a very challenging stunt/ad and succeeded. Hope the ad campaign is that successful as well. You can check the Making of “the Mazda 2 vs Wall of Death”.

World’s Greatest Drag Race!

Drag race 1Ever thought like regrouping all your dream cars for a drag race? Well Motortrend did. This is a meeting of the best drivers cars in the world for a simple strait line 1/4 mile drag race. A total of 82 cylinders 5000 hp 1.5 million dollars drag race. Looking at the contestants it is really hard to predict the outcome of the race. Enjoy the show!!

Snow and Ice Driving: Porsche GT3RS, Mitsubishi Evo 9 face to Yamaha R1 and WRF450


EXTREME, 258 KM/H ON ICE in Lapland by minus 20 degrees on the replica (scale one) of the legendary track of Le Castellet.