Volvo Trucks EPIC Campaign

Charlie the hamsterVolvo have really done it this time. In order to promote their new FMX Truck, Volvo decided to show rather than tell and came up with a series of impressive challenges. In order to demonstrate the robustness of the Volvo truck towing hook, Claes Nilsson, the company’s actual president, stood on top of a suspended 15 tonne Volvo Truck, 20 metres above the water in Gothenburg harbour telling us the key ingredients to make a video go viral on youtube. It actually worked, the video has today more than 2 million views on youtube! That video was only the first teaser in a series of similarly daring stunts.

The second video was the one in which Roland Svensson a technician at Volvo trucks demonstrates how much ground clearance the truck has. I think this video is completely fake. What do you guys think?

The third video demonstrates how easy the dynamic steering wheel of the new Volvo FMX Truck is to steer. To do it, Volvo came up with this EPICally impressive challenge, let a hamster steer it. You wouldn’t believe me but Charlie, the 175 g hamster, was able to steers a 15 tonne Volvo FMX! Ill keep on updating you guys once the new challenges are released. Volvo Trucks I salute you!! Impressive campaign so far!

[updated] The epicness continues with that crazy commercial; Volvo painted one of their trucks in red and went for a run with the bulls in the streets of Spain. The truck is so agile and easy to drive that it went through the narrow streets with no problem whatsoever outrunning those mad Spanish animals. Volvo Trucks are on fire!!