Castrol Footkhana: Neymar Jr. v Ken Block

KenBlack FootkhanaIt ain’t anymore just about burning rubber and avoid walls, some balls have been added to the equation! 2014 FIFA World Cup star Neymar Jr. & his freestyle team take on Gymkhana king Ken Block in his 650-HP Ford Fiesta rally car in a battle between man and machine creating what they call Footkhana, a mix of football and Gymkhana. As Neymar and his freestyle teammates use their football skills to score goals, Ken and his overpowered Fiesta drifts, blasting soccer balls into the net. Well it is not as impressive as what we are use to with Ken but it is a nice and fresh new idea. Very smart move by Castrol sponsoring the match, regrouping in the same video, the YouTube phenomenon Ken Block and FIFA World Cup star Neymar Jr. & his freestyle team targeting not only football fans but car fans as well. The complete videos got more than a 8 million views in just 3 days.


2 thoughts on “Castrol Footkhana: Neymar Jr. v Ken Block

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