The Blog

TheAdsGarage chooses the most exquisite, entertaining, hot, tasty and delicious videos to be shared and discussed on the blog, or other social media platforms (pinterestfacebook, instagram). The selection of content is picked from different categories ranging from ads to reviews and passing by drifting videos. All of those have a common denominator, CARS. Don’t worry if your mouth is drooling after consulting the blog it’s a very normal reaction. The aim of this blog, is to promote the Lebanese car community while providing people with meaningful advice to best choose their cars.

The Blogger

I, JeanPaul Zakher, was born in Italy lived there for five years before moving to Lebanon for my school and university studies. I had to create a blog as an assignment for a social media class at the American University of Beirut. Being a car lover, enthusiast, fanatic, freak; call it whatever you want, it ended being a car blog. I do my best to find, search, dig up the best content whether from the web or the car community around me so that TheAdsGarage has always the same level of awesomeness in the content it features.

For more info about me you can check me on facebook, twitter, stumbleupongoolge+, and linkedIn.




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