Land Rover Commercial: Discovery 4

I have always assimilated this car to a fridge with an engine and four wheel drive. The LR4 is just too bulky and the engine power doesn’t compensate for that. Looking at its side look, its like a Range Rover Sport with a BIG box at the back. I must say that the car is very spacious, allowing 7 people to sit comfortably (well that’s a minimum with such an exterior design). The new Discovery engine is better and more efficient that the old on. The new diesel 3.0-liter twin turbocharged engine with 600Nm of torque would be the best option.

As an off road 4×4 it has really good potential with a lot of off road option to go for. Every option modifies the suspension and the gear shifting to adapt to the terrain. But with such a heavy car it is really hard to not to get stuck in a muddy and snowy terrain

Regarding the commercial I find it really nice, emphasizing on the 4×4 all-terrain capabilities of the car in a very subtle way. Land Rover is really promoting this car, like most of their car as a “car for adventures”. A car for everyday anywhere.

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