Audi Commercial: The Ultimate Paintball Duet

The Duel

Staggering video by Audi promoting there brand new version of the RS4. This restyled version incorporates the same 4.2 liters direct-injected V-8 of the previous RS4. This time the V8 has been tweaked to now produce 450 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque. A Quattro AWD system will be responsible to convert this power to the road. In normal driving the torque will be rear-biased at 40/60 percent. A crown-wheel center differential can adjust this ratio almost instantly between 70/30 and 15/85 according to road conditions and driver input. A special edition sport differential that can handle the full amount of torque on the rear wheels can be ordered as extra. Regarding the design, the car has a very sporty yet classy look. The 2 big rear exhaust tips are just gorgeous. They will be fitted on all the RS models.

Audi Paint ballFor this video, “Rubber Republic” fitted the two fully equipped 2013 RS4 with professional paint ball guns and a couple of GoPro cameras. (You can check the making of the video by clicking here). The output is a big mess of paint in this military hangar, to the sound of “Push it to the Limit,” by Paul Engeman. Two professional drivers, Jim Dowdall & Colin Skeaping, two of the UK’s most experienced stuntmen, were picked for this Ultimate Paintball Duet, they earned points each time they were able to hit each others car with a paint ball. (You can check an interview with them by clicking here) Will there be a Paintball Edition RS4 avant? Well as much as I would like it, I am sorry to tell you no.


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