Citroën C3 with Pure Tech engine.

Citroen C3 dogsThe Citroen C3 is a small 4 door hatchback cheap and economical.  It’s the company’s biggest-selling small car. It has a 1.6 118bhp engine, not fuel hungry at all and very silent. It is its economical aspect that is being advertised in this commercial. Its PureTech engine, will give you 250 extra kilometers of driving. The ad is very simple, romantic and straight to the point. I personally hate the C3. Sitting in it you feel trapped in box full of plastic. As compared to its fellow super mini cars in the range, I would rather get a Ford Fiesta that costs approximately the same and is powered by a similar engine, but looks so much better inside and outside. It even has an Aston Martin look-alike front grill. How awesome is that!


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