Maria Sharapova, Porsche’s New Ambassador

Maria Sharapova in PorscheMaria Sharapova (in the driver seat), the 26 years old No. 2 women’s tennis player in the world, has just signed a three year contract with Porsche as their new global brand ambassador. “Maria Sharapova is an exceptional athlete. She combines top performance in her sports with elegance and power. These are precisely the qualities that are embroiled in our sports cars,” explained Matthias Mueller (in the passenger seat) , CEO of Porsche AG. Porsche has always been a brand for man. The choice of the gorgeous Sharapova is a quite a chock. Well I think she brings a light, beautiful, fresh and sporty image to Porsche. If you have any thought on the matter feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Maria Sharapova Porsche Ambassador


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