Renault Commercial: Alpine 50th Anniversary.

AlpinaIntroducing the Alpine A110-50, a concept car by Renault that has been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Renault Alpine A110 ”Berlinette”. The concept car features a 3.5litre V6 mid-rear engine that delivers 400hp. This engine is associated with a beautifully designed roof mounted-intake that funnels the air directly into the machine’s carbon-fiber intake. Add to that a custom exhaust and a F1 semi sequential 6 speed dual clutch gear box and this is what you get, a flame-throwing 50th anniversary Blue Alpina concept car.The driver in the commercial is Jean Ragnotti, an old time racing driver for Renault. The idea in the video is that he is racing against his younger self in the younger Alpina A110.

You might be asking yourself but when are we gonna see one of those cruising on the Champs Elysee, well until know never. Renault still hasn’t talked about producing this car.


Chevy Commercial: Corvette 60th Anniversary.

Like every person celebrating his or her birthday, the Corvette is blowing her 60 candles for its 60th anniversary but not in a traditional way I must say.