Hyundai Commercial: Cheetah

Hyundai Veloster TurboHyundai’s Turbo Veloster has been on the streets for quite some time now. I find that this turbo version was a must. There was like a “disagreement” between the Velosters looks and its power outcome when the 1.6 liters V4 138hp version was released. This time though, the Turbocharged 1.6 liters V4 is up to the task with its 201hp. The Veloster has now its place in the Hot Hatch market. Let’s see if it’ll be able to become a reference in this target market. This superbowl commercial is a good way to show the power capabilities of this new born of Huyndai. Check the Veloster Grim Reaper commercial right here.

Hyundai Commercial: The Grim Reaper

Hyundai has made some really good improvements regarding the design and quality of their new models while keeping there competitive low prices. With there new born, the Veloster, the South Korean firm is aiming to compete in the Hot Hatch market. But is there new creation good enough to compete in that market? Well, the design (outside and inside) of the car is very original and distinctive. I find the idea of a 3 door car not bad at all. The engine thought not so brilliant. The Veloster features a 1.6 138hp V4 which I find not powerful enough to compete in the Hot Hatch market with Mini Coopers and other GTIs. The good news is Hyundai announced that they’ll releasing a Turbocharged version of the 1.6 V4 that is gonna deliver up to 200hp.That’s more like it!! Regarding the commercial, Hyundai is advertising the safety advantage of having a three door car.